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    "all the makings of an unholy -but super fun- addiction"Toronto Thumbs

    "Super tough but a lot of fun" (plus video) — BeefJack.com



  3. What is TRICHROME?

    Trichrome is a fast-paced game of colour matching — make large triangles out of four smaller ones.

    That sounds easy. But you can score more points by making larger and more interesting shape combinations, so plan your moves carefully. Don’t take too long, though, because the clock is ticking and the only way to fill it back up is to make more combos.

    Intermissions break up the intense, high-concentration action into easy-to-play short segments. Most games take about 5-10 minutes to complete, so there’s always time for another round of Trichrome.

    The simple, minimalist visual design combined with vibrant and beautiful colours makes Trichrome a lovely game to watch as well as play, and the scintillating visual effects and mesmerizing real-time synthesized multi-channel sound design will keep you coming back for more.

    Trichrome also features an alternate colour and tile set for players with atypical visual perception, such as reduced colour vision or colour blindness, so everyone can enjoy the tile matching and pattern making fun.

    Trichrome is easily approachable for new players, indeed, many new players find they can complete a game with 4 Pure in less than an hour of practice. But Trichrome is also a challenge for even the fastest, most clever player — can you break 1,000,000 points, or make 12 Pure? There’s only one way to find out: make more combos and make them faster!

    There are 36 achievements so you can challenge yourself, and three leaderboards — high score, fastest gameplay, and most tiles played — so you can watch your Trichrome skill improve!

    With beautiful colours, fantastic sound design, gameplay that’s easy to learn, yet with advanced strategy and high-scoring gameplay tactics that you won’t master easily, Trichrome is the game to play for fun, for a challenge, to relax and, maybe if you’re good enough, to become a Trichrome Legend.

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  7. Screenshot showing different colours and tiles used in the alternate visual perception tileset. By the way, you switch tilesets by clicking the eye icon in the upper right of the screen during gameplay. It’s right under the mute icon.


  8. About the Developer

    Trichrome was created, designed and programmed by Sean M Puckett.

    Back in the 90s, Sean created created the classic space shmup Galacta, as well as Helious and Pulse. Sean also created dozens of retail game, education and productivity titles in the 80s and 90s while working for Hi Tech Expressions.

    You can reach out to Sean via email at SeanMPuckett@gmail.com.

    Follow Sean on Twitter at @PhotoPuck.

    Trichrome was made proudly, yet modestly, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.